Updates, updates, updates.

Hello, sweethearts! Anyone still around to read this?

I am aware of the fact that this blog has become pretty much abandoned, seeing as I have not posted anything since February. It does make me a bit sad; I'd love to keep this up and running. I have not abandoned Livejournal completely, as I occasionally check my ever dying f-list.

Anyway, I felt like making this little short entry just for fun. Seeing as it has been over eight months since the last entry, it was highly needed.
Well, it was not only for fun; I just started re-reading old comments, and entries. Entries from not only my blog, but from others as well. Old comments from my e-mail. I must have missed some, I'm not entirely sure. But everything just makes me so happy, and at the same time I am so embarrassed because I can't believe half of everything I typed. And ashdasj;; how did you guys survive around this awkward pile of awkward?

Reading all those comments, and entries, made me so happy. Just this happy feeling in my chest, completely making my evening/night.
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you all so much for all those memories.
Thank you so much.

I can honestly say that I miss talking to you all. I miss just knowing I could talk to you. I, too, am at fault for that. Never taking initiative to talk, to start conversations. I do apologize, but unfortunately, it has come too far to do anything about it?
I don't know.
I hope not.
I don't know how to fix this.

And, a little update on my life.
I am working right now. I finished school, and I am working full time at a nursing home. I am an apprentice there, and will be that for the next two years. After that, I'm not sure. Perhaps a few years where I work, before I start at a Nursing School?
My sister and I live together now. She moved into the same place as I, and we now share a flat. Even though we gotseparatee rooms, I sleep more in her room than mine. I sleep on her couch, and she in her bed. I think it's more cozy that way. Aren't I just the strangest?
I've moved onto new fandoms, such as Doctor Who, Supernatural, and Marvel in general. Those are just the few I can think of.
Otherwise, there isn't much to say.

Lastly, I'd like to mention that I am to find other places, despite never being here.
Tumblr, being one of them.
Next would be twitter.
So, you know, you're very much allowed to follow me on one or both of these places.

Oh hai.


I'm trying to back on "the right track" now, with updating and commenting again. I mean, I've been on the computer rotting... but not checking lj, or anything like that.
Sorry guys, I didn't mean to do that. :/

I'm not trying to make any excuses or anything, because honestly, I have no excuse for suddenly disappearing for so long. But I'm sorry.

I guess, today was okay. I usually hate Mondays with passion. But this Monday was fine. Oddly enough. Heh.
My English teacher was sick again, so my class had another teacher. I don't really like my English teacher though... she can't speak English! She just said words so wrong all the time. Her spelling is okay, but the talking...
One of my classmates said that the teacher "speaks even worse than me! And I failed English last year!"

I even went to a mall. I bought a pretty sweater, it's black and white striped! I wished I had a camera to show it to you guys... but it's not here.

See, I actually updated two times in a row... I hope I update on Thursday or so. xD
Talk to you later~
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HEY, you remember me? :'D
Guess not, it's been, what, three months since I last updated?
... Well, err... Hi, I'm still alive. :D
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